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Being raised as a nephilim has its drawbacks when you’re

only quarter angel. Now it’s getting dangerous.

Rune’s always known about the angel blood that runs through her veins. A gift—or a curse—from her halfling mother. She thinks she knows who she is. She’s wrong. After a kiss with a stranger completes a sacred ritual, she’s forced to accept the other side of her heritage. And the lust for souls that comes with it. Now this gorgeous seductress is on a hunt to find others like her and discover the truth about her past. But with her hunger growing insatiable, does she have more to worry about than making friends?

Deathly Unloved

Sassy, sexy, and wickedly gorgeous, Rune Mannaz is a master seductress. Now she’s on a hunt to find others like her and discover the truth about her past.

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The first novel in the Deathly Unloved series.

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Tyler Dawson left something behind when she died—the ghost possessing her body. Now trapped in foreign flesh, Skye must navigate a world that thinks she’s someone else. With her witty sense of humour and opinionated views, Skye gives advice to anyone who’ll listen—whether they asked for it or not.

As she learns about herself and uncovers secrets from Tyler’s past, she comes to realise that maybe she and Tyler aren’t so different after all. But as cracks appear in her carefully constructed façade, Skye begins to doubt her sanity. Can she stay in control? And will the pressure of their conjoined being prove too much for Tyler’s body to sustain?

Under Her Skin

Skye wanted someone else’s life. She got her wish.

Now she’s back to present a weird girl’s guide to surviving high school, with an emphasis on embedding yourself within your dead host’s family and fostering lawn flamingos.

The thrilling new novel by Annee Cooper.

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